Best Property Maintenance

Your property around your home is the first thing people see and the first impression of you and your family ( Regular property maintenance can give any homeowner a sense of pride and satisfaction. A manicured front lawn, crisp edging around sidewalks and pathways, mulch filled planters and bushes and shrubs trimmed to perfection are the sign of a homeowner that takes pride in his home and exudes self-confidence and success. Here are some brief tips to guide you to properly maintaining your property.

Trim Your Shrubs and Bushes – Get your power hedge trimmer or hand clipper out to trim the bushes and hedges in your planters. When trimming the fence, make sure that you do not take off too much. Try just to cut the small new growth. If you maintain this method throughout the years, you should be able to “train” your hedges to keep the shape you want. This is primarily done in the spring.

Weed and Rake out your flower beds and planters – When you begin your property maintenance, start by weeding raking and generally cleaning out your flower beds and planters. Raking the debris out, before you mow your lawn can make it easier to clean up those small pieces that a lawnmower’s bag can catch ( This will be done every week to stay on top of the weeds and other debris that accumulate.

Fertilize, Kill the weeds and Mow Your Lawn – In the spring, you need to apply fertilizer and weed killer to your lawn to keep it healthy and as green, as can be ( Every week you should mow your lawn. An indeed well-maintained lawn never should look as though it needs to be cut. If you want to get detailed (if your lawn area is small), you can reduce your lawn checkerboard style. This is overkill but looks lovely.

Sweep up or blow your property clean – Finally, get your lawn leaf blower if you have one or just a broom and clean off the pathways and driveway to provide the finishing touches to your property.

You will find that there are many different types of property maintenance companies out there. The first type is the kind that will come around to your home once a week and cut the grass, clean the weeds, and maybe fertilize your plants. This is the cheapest form of property maintenance you can find, and many people find that this is sufficient. However, you can find better service if you were looking for the type of company that offers you a little more.

You will also find a property maintenance company that will offer you a way to save money on your property, in terms of water and electricity. You will also find that some of these companies will come to your home, when you are on holiday and make sure that your dogs are feds, your garden is watered and that it looks like someone is home during the day and at night. This will help fight crime in your area and keep would-be burglars away from your property at all times.